So sometimes it happens

A few days ago, from the balcony of my apartment, I saw the glittering butterfly – Common yellow swallowtail . There was no chance of photographing. This morning I went to work on the garden. After work I spotted this butterfly on a leaf of basil. I looked and decided to go home for the equipment and to photograph. It is about 300m in both directions. I did not expect him to wait. Well, I came back, took pictures from different distances, and he did not even move. Then 2 hours later I was back in the garden, and the butterfly was still sitting. I thought he was not in good shape, but when I got about 80cm away, the butterfly flew away. So sometimes it happens.Here are some photos of this great butterfly.

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Pawel Chmur

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My profession is a teacher. I am currently retired and have time for my hobby.
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