great mushroom out

To tell the truth, we did not have mushrooms for two years. In the current rather humid year, the first chanterelle came out in July. Only for a few days we have a mushroom spill. There were not only boletus, but also birch boletes, slippery jacks, parasol mushrooms and even red pine mushrooms. It is very nice to take a walk through the forest and collect mushrooms, especially when there are many. Unfortunately, some of them are worms, especially boletus. But for the beautiful and photogenic. I hope the mushroom season will continue.

So sometimes it happens

A few days ago, from the balcony of my apartment, I saw the glittering butterfly – Common yellow swallowtail . There was no chance of photographing. This morning I went to work on the garden. After work I spotted this butterfly on a leaf of basil. I looked and decided to go home for the equipment and to photograph. It is about 300m in both directions. I did not expect him to wait. Well, I came back, took pictures from different distances, and he did not even move. Then 2 hours later I was back in the garden, and the butterfly was still sitting. I thought he was not in good shape, but when I got about 80cm away, the butterfly flew away. So sometimes it happens.Here are some photos of this great butterfly.

cockchafers invasion

Already 4 years ago I wrote about this species on my website. Then I watched his invasion of the surrounding plants. Last years it is in considerable quantity. Larvae of this beetle stay in the soil and cause serious damage. Because I grow vegetables on the parcel and plastic tent, so I personally experienced the damage done by these beetles. This year the quantity is intimidating. On the oaks near my dwelling, the beetles ate most of the leaves. The only benefit is for birds, especially jackals, starlings, and sparrows, from dawn to dusk. I hope that their feeding season is approaching at the end of May.

by the lake Wigry

Taking a trip to Suwałki, we decided to visit Lake Wigry. I have not been there for a dozen years. Usually the tour visits the monastery, from where there is a magnificent view of the lake from all sides. The weather was great, sunny and moderately warm. Not much has changed here since my previous stay. Only the fluttering edges of the lake have grown noticeably. Tourists are almost gone, only school trip. Then we went back on a new unknown route. After driving about 20 km of asphalt road, another long section we drove along the Czarna Hańcza river to Mikaszewo lake, where we took a longer rest in our favorite place. Bathing in the lake allowed to quickly recover fatigue.

Elk in the swamp

On the last day of April, it was Sunday with beautiful sunny weather but rather a chilly northern wind. We went on a trip to the Biebrza river swamp. This place was chosen on the map and we have not been there before. The footbridge to the swamp was difficult to find. We observed scrub in marshes mostly covered with birch, willow and pine trees. In the distance through the binoculars managed to see the hare first, then the crane. We were about to leave the area when we saw a elk far away. Initially stopped and then started moving away quite quickly. Before I prepared the equipment, I replaced the lens, the elk was far away. Here are some photos of this tour.

waxwings returned

With waxwings I met quite late. In the past, I not dealt with bird watching, and this bird you can see in the winter and not every year. It just so happens that a couple of years there They would appear with us. As soon as I tried to photograph them. This was not always possible. Sometimes their stay was very short and it was hard to get close to the desired distance. Now we have snow and cold days. Waxwings saw on the old high lime tree next to the garden with viburnum shrubs and wild rose that took a lot of fruit. During the first two days ate fruit viburnum, then rose fruits. When the fruit ran out, the waxwings flew away after 4 days stay. Take a good photo is not easy. Did not do special preparation, atylko I used a tripod. Pododa also not conducive to cloudy, from time to time, it was snowing. Here are the pictures.

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