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in winter by the river

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Perhaps a trip to the river on a cool and quite cloudy and windy day seems to be no pleasure to anyone. For us, this is an opportunity to observe nature, breathing clean air and for walking. For me personally, I still do exercises in photographing the landscape in different conditions. How to better use camera settings, light and choose the right frame.

along the brook through the undergrowth

To go along the brook through the brush at any other time is very difficult. The stream is very wet and very dense thickets of raspberries, nettles, wildcurrants and black cherry are grown around. Now, when the marshmallow squeezed and there are no leaves, you can go quite safely along the banks. I wanted to see closely the beaver's achievements in this environment. It can be assumed that the number of these animals is constantly growing and expanding their range of activity. Using a smartphone I took a few photos.

frost and mist

We already have the first decade of January behind us, but there is no snow. Recently, a beautiful frost appeared when the temperature dropped below 0 ° C. Some fogs and landscapes have become very interesting. Make a good photo in such conditions is not easy. Poor light and a good selection of space should be taken into account. The colors will be significantly subdued. The frontal plan that emphasizes spatiality is very important. I present a few photos taken recently in such conditions.

old rural fruit orchard

The nature around me is changing. I want to draw attention to the old rural fruit orchards that are going away in the past. Old varieties of apple trees, pear trees, plum trees and others grow there. These varieties not only resemble the distant years of childhood, but also their valuable taste is now perceived. Many such orchards disappear due to negligence, the departure of former owners, environmental changes. Although Poland is a leader in the production of apples, it is worth taking a wider action to preserve these old valuable varieties. Now often such orchards visit wild animals and birds.

second snow this winter

This winter caprice. At the beginning of December the first snow fell and soon it melted. For two weeks it was rainy and gloomy. On December 15, a lot of new snow fell, very wet. Nature looked beautiful the next morning, but soon the thaw came and it melted in half. I managed to capture this aura a bit, but the weak light during such a short day did not allow me to get good results. Here are some photos.Click on the picture to see full size

the last rays of a short December day

        The December day is very short and the sun is low above the horizon. The picture of landscape on such a day requires preparation for a short period of sufficient options for its implementation. Here are some pictures taken in such conditions.


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